Monday, April 28, 2014


Art Mûr proudly presents the 2nd edition of the Contemporary Native Art Biennial in collaboration with Stewart Hall in Pointe-Claire from May 3 to June 21, 2014
Opening reception on Saturday, May 3rd from 3pm to 5pm at Art Mûr located at 5826 St-Hubert in Montreal. And Sunday, May 4th from 2pm to 5pm at Stewart Hall in Pointe-Claire.
Storytelling: Contemporary Native Art Biennal – 2nd edition

Sonny Assu (Montreal, QC), Scott Benesiinaabandan (Montreal, QC), Jordan Bennet (Newfoundland), Jaime Black (Winnipeg, MB), Julie Buffalohead (Saint-Paul, MN), Hannah Claus (Montreal, QC), Keesic Douglas (Toronto, ON), John Feodorov (Seattle, WA), David Garneau (Regina, SK), Leonard Getinthecar (Nicholas & Jerrod Galanin, Sitka, AK), Merritt Johnson (New York, NY), Cannupa Hanska Luger (Sante Fe, NM), Meryl McMaster (Toronto, ON), Da-ka-xeen Mehner (Fairbanks, AK), Kent Monkman (Toronto, ON), Nadia Myre (Montreal, QC), Jude Norris (New York, USA), Luke Parnell (Vancouver, BC), Mike Patten (Montreal, QC), Wendy Red Star (Portland, OR), Tanis Maria S’eiltin (Bellingham, WA), Frank Shebageget (Ottawa, ON), Michael Anthony Simon (Seoul, Korea), Adrian Stimson (Saskatoon, SK), Anna Tsouhlarakis (Washington, DC), Amelia Winger- Bearskin (Brooklyn, NY).

Guest curator: Mike Patten

The second edition of the Contemporary Native Art Biennial – the only biennial exclusively dedicated to contemporary native art – will be exploring the theme of Storytelling. Artists from all over North America have been invited to investigate the importance of storytelling in native cultures. The selection of works included in this year’s edition take roots in an ancestral mode of communication. However, the stories told in Storytelling are infused with something profoundly contemporary; they are told with voices aware of the present context. The selected artists are not offering an anachronistic experience, but rather invite the public to listen, to understand, to pay attention, so that their stories may become ours.
In the last few years, many native art events have occurred in various institutions. However, a biennial allows for the recurrence and the long-term support of contemporary native art productions. As a private commercial space, Art Mûr dares to redefine the frontiers that separate public institutions from private galleries. We believe in our educational mandate and our capacity to shed light on the amazing production of contemporary native artists. In fact, Patten intentionally included the work of many native artists who have not been included in some of the national exhibitions like Sakahàn and Beat Nation to make other voices resonate and present additional perspectives.
Art Mûr 5826 rue St-Hubert Montréal Qc H2S 2L7 514 933 0711 www.artmur.com 

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